This plugin allows you to send a Mattermost message.

version: '1'
  - packageManager:
      name: npm
      - name: mattermost
          url: "${env.MY_MATTERMOST_WEBHOOK_URL}"
            - team1
            - awesomeness
          title: 'Automated update of {{slug}} {{statusEmoji}}'


Mattermost incoming webhook URL.


Channels where to send the message. Obsolete parameter when you have enabled Lock to this channel for the incoming webhook.


The email subject.

This handlebars template is passed the following context:

    "slug": "myPm",
    "status": "myStatus",
    "statusEmoji": "🚀"
Property Description
slug Key that identifies the update in your configuration. For example, "npm", or, "npm-0" when there are multiple packageManagerUpdates configured with npm as the packageManager.name.
status Status of the package manager update
statusEmoji Emoji corresponding to the package manager update status


Additional text to embed in the message body.