#Create issue

This plugin allows you to open an issue.

version: '1'
  - packageManager:
      name: npm
      - name: create-issue
          - failure
          token: '${env.MY_TOKEN}'



Allows the plugin to authenticate with your Git provider API:


Default: Automated update of {{slug}} dependencies {{statusEmoji}}

Allows you to customize issue title.

This handlebars template is passed the following context:

    "slug": "myPm",
    "status": "myStatus",
    "statusEmoji": "🚀"
Property Description
slug Key that identifies the update in your configuration. For example, "npm", or, "npm-0" when there are multiple packageManagerUpdates configured with npm as the packageManager.name.
status Status of the package manager update
statusEmoji Emoji corresponding to the package manager update status


Default: none

Additional text to embed in the issue description.


Default: none

Usernames to assign to the issue created. Note that Gitlab CE only allows one assignee.


Default: true

Close open issues that were created by Pmbot. This option prevents multiple issues open simultaneously when you don't have the time to look at them.